As the International Science and Technology University, we value diversity and inclusive education, and therefore, we are committed to ensuring the accessibility of our website to everyone. We are determined to conduct our education, research, and societal contributions in an environment where everyone can benefit equally. In this regard, we declare our commitment to the principle of accessibility; we present our statements regarding the accessibility of our website in order to enable every individual in our society to realize their potential

• Compliance with Web Standards: Our website has been designed and developed in compliance with international accessibility standards.

• Zoom and Contrast Controls: You can zoom in on text and adjust the contrast on our website.

• Accessibility in Education: Our educational processes, including course content, materials, and exams, are designed to be accessible, aiming to provide equal opportunities for all students. This encompasses disadvantaged individuals, including those with disabilities, veterans, victims of war and terrorism, and individuals concurrently engaged in professional life while pursuing university education. Various support and adaptation measures are in place to ensure that these students can benefit from education to the fullest.

• Awareness and Education: Regular events, seminars, and training programs are organized to raise awareness and educate our stakeholders on accessibility. The goal is to enhance awareness of accessibility, creating a more responsive atmosphere within the community.

• Collaboration and Feedback: We value feedback from disadvantaged individuals, students, staff, and other stakeholders, using this input to improve our accessibility policies. We are committed to continuous improvement in accessibility by collaborating with relevant stakeholders.

At International Science and Technology University, we continuously strive to enhance the accessibility of our website. We are actively working to address any existing deficiencies and improve accessibility in areas where it is needed.

Your feedback and questions about accessibility are highly valuable to us. If you have any issues or feedback related to accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact us. This statement reflects International Science and Technology University's commitment to accessibility and efforts. Thank you for choosing us.