The Faculty of Health Sciences is an academic unit distinguished by rich and diverse educational programs in the fields of health, sports, and management. The faculty supports students in exploring various career paths related to health by providing a broad perspective. With three undergraduate programs, two master's programs, and one doctoral program, the faculty offers a comprehensive educational experience.

Undergraduate Programs:
1. Exercise and Sports Sciences: This program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the human body and the impact of physical activity on health. Exercise and sports sciences develop skills in enhancing sports performance, contributing to rehabilitation processes, and creating positive effects on overall health.
2. Exercise and Sports Sciences for People with Disabilities: This specialized program focuses on developing the ability to design physical activity and sports strategies while addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities. Exercise and Sports Sciences for People with Disabilities supports the goal of increasing social participation by providing expertise in this field.
3. Health Management: The Health Management program equips students with the necessary management and organizational skills to take on leadership roles in the health sector. It offers a broad perspective on effective management of health systems, analysis of health policies, and organization of health services.

Master's Programs:
1. Physical Activity and Health in Sports: This program targets students who wish to delve deeper into the effects of physical activity on health. Graduates develop advanced skills in promoting healthy lifestyles and contributing to the prevention of chronic diseases through the creation of sophisticated strategies.
2. Health Management: The Health Management master's program aims to enhance strategic management and leadership skills in the health sector. It provides expertise in policy development, budget management, and the effective organization of health services.

Doctoral Program:
• Sports Health Sciences: This program empowers students to conduct independent research and make significant contributions to the field of sports health. The doctoral program offers an interdisciplinary approach to students aspiring to be pioneers in health sciences research.

The Faculty of Health Sciences adopts an interdisciplinary approach, aiming to provide students with a broad knowledge base and practical skills. The faculty strives to nurture individuals who aspire to pursue careers in the health sector as equipped, ethically grounded, and community-contributing professionals.