International Science and Technology University takes a pioneering role in internationalization, alongside its commitment to providing educational programs for disadvantaged groups, including individuals with disabilities, veterans, victims of war and terrorism, as well as those who wish to pursue university education while simultaneously working. It successfully maintains its internationalization goals as a globally competitive higher education institution. Here are some key data and reports reflecting our university's internationalization performance:

International Collaborations and Societal Contributions
Our university boasts a robust network of collaborations with esteemed universities, research institutions, and non-governmental organizations worldwide. These collaborations serve the purpose of enhancing both educational activities and international social responsibility projects. Activities such as joint research projects, academic conferences, and knowledge sharing play a significant role in having an effective global impact.

Overseas Internship and Research Opportunities
Our students have the opportunity to gain experience in different parts of the world through international internship and research programs. These experiences help broaden our students' global perspectives and make them more effective on the international stage.

International Conferences, Academic Publications, and Events
International Science and Technology University contributes to global research in science and culture by organizing international conferences, seminars, and cultural events. These activities promote increased academic and cultural exchanges, enhance the competencies of disadvantaged and working groups on a broader platform, increase visibility and awareness activities, and elevate our status as a pioneering institution in science through the international academic publications by our faculty members within the scope of their new research and product development efforts.

Student and Faculty Diversity
International Science and Technology University fosters a rich cultural diversity by accommodating students and faculty members from all around the world. This diversity is a reflection of our commitment to internationalization.

Internationalization Reports and Goals
Our university regularly evaluates and reports its internationalization performance. These reports serve as essential tools for measuring and enhancing our global impact, setting goals, and developing action plans. Moreover, these reports assess the effectiveness of education and academic programs for disadvantaged and working students. Internationalization is an integral part of International Science and Technology University's core values, goals, and vision, and we continuously strive to increase our global impact.