The Quality and Accreditation Commission, which is an integral part of the Rectorate, is charged with the responsibility of coordinating and implementing quality assurance, evaluation, and accreditation initiatives that are conducted within the International Science and Technology University.

The Commission is headed by the Rector, with the Rector's Advisor or another suitable university official designated by the Rector serving as the Chair in the Rector's absence. The Commission comprises the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, the Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences, the Director of the Institute of Graduate Education, the Rector's Advisor, the General Secretary, the Deputy Secretary General, the Head of the Personnel and Strategy Development Department, and the Student Representative.

Duties of the Quality and Accreditation Commission
(1) To maintain and guarantee the consistency and longevity of the quality and accreditation assurance procedures for leadership, administration, and quality in education and training, research and development, as well as social contributions, in accordance with the strategic plan and objectives of the university, it is necessary to implement these measures:
a) To establish the internal and external quality assurance system of the university,
b) To identify university-specific key performance indicators,
c) To conducting program evaluation,
d) To guarantee the successful implementation, assessment, and supervision of the authorization and accreditation application procedures with the external evaluating institution.
(2) To plan and carry out the internal evaluation studies of the university,
(3) To draft the yearly institutional internal evaluation report, which includes the results of institutional evaluation and improvement endeavors, as well as its related attachments,
(4) To disseminate annual internal evaluation reports, along with their accompanying annexes that have been approved by the Rector, to the general public using a user-friendly platform on the official university website,
(5) To prepare for the corporate external evaluation program and to communicate the process to both internal and external stakeholders.

Role in the Commission and the Authority It Represents Title (If Any) and Name Surname 
 President - Rector  Prof. Dr. Erdal DURSUN
 Member - Rector's Advisor
 Said Abdullah SADAT
 Member - Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences  Prof. Dr. Heidar SAJEDI
 Member - Dean of the Faculty of Engineering  Prof. Dr. Cengiz SERTKAYA
 Member - Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences  Prof. Dr. Bayram YALÇIN
 Member - Director of the Institute of Graduate Education  Prof. Dr. Ufuk GÖKMEN
 Member - Secretary General  Dr. Savas YILDIZ
 Member - Deputy Secretary General
 Soroush RAHMANI
 Member - Head of Personnel and Strategy Development Department  Dilek DURSUN SAJEDI
 Member - Student Representative  -