Dear Students,

Welcome to the Social Service Center! It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to each of you in our center. Our mission at the center is to support you in line with the principles of social responsibility, solidarity, and mutual assistance.

Social Service entails understanding societal needs, touching lives, and contributing to positive changes. Our center will offer you the opportunity to become more deeply acquainted with the social responsibility awareness and sensitivity mentioned and to produce sensitive solutions to social problems.

At our center, you will meet with people who have experience in the field of social services, produce projects and have the opportunity to raise awareness on social issues. We will carry out a social awareness raising movement with many activities such as social responsibility projects, events and aid campaigns.

When you are at the Social Service Center, you will feel like you are a part of this organization.We are here to provide you with the opportunity to explore the power of social service and make a meaningful contribution to society.

In this context, together with you; We are excited to work for a stronger, more equitable, more integrated and inclusive society.

Best regards,

Director of the Social Service Center