Since the services offered by our university are built on information-based systems, information is one of the most important treasures in our institution. Accessing accurate information in the most effective way and ensuring its sharing and dissemination are among the global goals of our university. In this regard, necessary improvement, development and sustainability efforts are carried out uninterruptedly with our academic and administrative units affiliated with the Rectorate and the General Secretariat.

The versatile management of our university's human resources is carried out by the Department of Personnel and Strategy Development. Developed policies are reviewed regularly and feedback is given to senior management. In line with the quality educational activities targets adopted by our university, the Academic Performance Management System has been implemented.

The financial management of our university is transparent and accountable. Maximum attention is paid to the effective and efficient use of financial resources in order to provide wider opportunities to students. An open door policy is applied to all stakeholders, and the ways in which the financial benefits provided to our University by supporting organizations are used are shared with them in the way they prefer.