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Level and Duration of the Program: Undergraduate, 8 Semesters.

Department of International Business and Entrepreneurship Mission
As the Department of International Business and Entrepreneurship, our mission is to provide students with an understanding of the complexities of the contemporary business world and comprehensive online education in international trade, business management, and entrepreneurship. We strive to train students as entrepreneurial leaders with global perspectives, ethical values, and analytical thinking skills. At the same time, we aim for them to develop a deep understanding of cultural diversity, business strategies, and sustainable business models so that they can succeed in international markets.

Department of International Business and Entrepreneurship Mission
Our department aims to train individuals who comprehend the dynamics of the global business world, produce creative solutions, and are leaders in sustainable entrepreneurship. We aim to train graduates who add value to the business world by enabling them to specialize in international trade, business strategies, innovation, and entrepreneurship from an interdisciplinary perspective. The basis of our vision is to formulate individuals who can provide competitive advantage in the global market, who adhere to ethical values, adopt the principle of sustainability, and stand out as innovation-oriented professionals. At the same time, as an internationally recognized educational institution, we aim to assume a leadership role that shapes the global business world by conducting pioneering research in the sector, publishing, and contributing to society.

Program Purpose
The Department of International Business and Entrepreneurship aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful in the global business world, to develop creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, and to provide them with the necessary opportunities to achieve sustainable success. In this direction:
1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competencies: To Provide training and support to students so that they can develop innovation and entrepreneurship competencies with the potential to create new values in the business world and society.
2. Providing Theoretical and Practical Knowledge: To provide students with a strong theoretical foundation and practical knowledge in the fields of international business, entrepreneurship and trade.
3. Strengthening Leadership and Communication Skills: To raise individuals who can assume leadership roles in the business world by providing students with effective leadership and communication skills.
4. Social Responsibility and Ethical Values: To instill in students the awareness of social responsibility and to provide them with the necessary knowledge and awareness to strengthen their awareness of adhering to ethical values in the business world.
5. Developing Research and Analysis Abilities: By teaching students current research methods in the field of business and entrepreneurship, they develop their independent research and analysis skills and provide them with the ability to analyze business world problems.
6. Gaining an International Perspective: To strengthen the international perspective for students to understand the dynamics of the global business world.
7. Contribution to the Business World: To provide students with skills to work effectively in the business world and achieve success in the field of entrepreneurship.
8. Global Perspective and Multicultural Experience: To provide students with opportunities to develop intercultural interaction, language skills, and global perspective so that they can act effectively in the global business environment.
9. Continuous Learning and Development: Provide opportunities for students to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment and adopt a culture of continuous learning.

In line with these aims, our program aims to provide students with comprehensive education in innovative and sustainable business and entrepreneurship strategies that are suitable for the requirements of the international business environment.

Program Achievements
The achievements of the Department of International Business and Entrepreneurship refer to the knowledge, skills, and abilities obtained as a result of the comprehensive education and training process provided to the students. These outcomes aimed to support students' personal and professional development. Some of the achievements of our graduate students:
1. Disciplinary Knowledge and Abilities: They have a solid theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of international business, entrepreneurship and trade; they gain the ability to understand the basic concepts in these disciplines and apply these concepts from an analytical perspective.
2. Analytical, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving Skills: They have effective problem-solving skills with the ability to analyze complex business world problems and develop a critical mindset.
3. Global Business Knowledge: Students are provided with the ability to understand the global business environment, develop intercultural communication skills, and do business in international markets. They also have effective written and verbal communication skills and gain the ability to speak and present in front of the public in the business world.
4. Leadership and Strategic Management Abilities: Teamwork and leadership skills improve, and the capacity to undertake strategic planning and management roles in the business world to achieve long-term goals increases.
5. International Research Skills, Perspective, and Innovation: They gain the ability to understand and apply current research methods in the field of business and entrepreneurship, as well as the ability to conduct independent research and a critical research mindset. At the same time, awareness of following technological developments in the business world, developing a perspective on dynamics, and encouraging innovation in business processes is formed.
6. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility: Awareness of acting in accordance with ethical standards in the business world, entrepreneurship, contributing to society, and adopting an understanding of social responsibility develops.
7. Diversity and Cultural Awareness: Understanding and appreciating different cultures. They can communicate effectively in various business environments.
8. Business Development and Entrepreneurial Skills: Our entrepreneurship focused program provides students with the skills to establish and manage their own businesses. Focusing on business plan creation, risk management, and innovative thinking skills; their competencies in subjects such as innovation, business planning, and risk management develop.
9. International Marketing and Finance: To be successful in global markets, they develop a focus on the basic principles and strategies in international marketing and finance. They gain skills in evaluating the financial situation of businesses, performing cost analysis, and budget management.

These achievements are the basic skills that the Department of International Business and Entrepreneurship aims to provide students with. Thanks to these achievements, graduates can have a successful career in the global business world, entrepreneurship, and management.

Program Employment Areas
Graduates of the Department of International Business and Entrepreneurship have a wide range of employment opportunities. Individuals who graduate from this program may have the opportunity to pursue careers in international business, entrepreneurship, and various sectors that contribute to the global economy. Some of the potential employment areas for graduates of this department are as follows:
1. International Business Management: Working in business management positions in international companies, multinational enterprises, and global markets.
2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Establishing and managing their own business, operating in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation.
3. International Marketing and Sales: Creating international marketing strategies and working in global sales and marketing positions.
4. International Finance and Trade: Working in international financial management and trade finance in international financial institutions, banks, and trading companies.
5. Project Management: Leading international projects and managing projects effectively.
6. Strategic Business Development: Contributing to companies' strategic growth goals and evaluating new business opportunities.
7. International Supply Chain Management: Managing global supply chain processes, working in logistics, transportation, and operational roles.
8. International Business Consultancy: Advising companies on international business strategies, market analysis, and business development.
9. Social Entrepreneurship: Working on social responsibility projects and sustainable business models.
10. Digital Business: Using digital platforms effectively, specializing in digital marketing and e-commerce.
11. International Human Resources Management: Taking senior positions in the global workforce management of international companies.

Students in the Department of International Business and Entrepreneurship have the opportunity to understand the dynamics of the global business environment, communicate effectively in international relations, and develop leadership skills. Through the ISTU's online programs, graduates will also have digital skills in line with the requirements of the digital business world.

Lessons Process
The Department of International Business and Entrepreneurship aims to provide students with online education that is compatible with the dynamics of the contemporary business world. In this context, the operation of program courses is based on the following basic elements:
1. Online Course Material: Course material is made available to students through an Internet-based Learning Management System (LMS). This platform provides students with access to lecture notes, slides, videos, reading materials, and other resources.
2. Video Lectures: The teaching process is supported by video lecture recordings prepared by instructors specializing in various subjects. Students can obtain the opportunity to better understand the course content by watching these videos online.
3. Live Classes and Webinars: The program provides an interactive learning experience through live lectures and webinars held during certain periods. By participating in these sessions, students can interact with instructors and discuss topics in greater depth.
4. Interactive Discussion and Forums: The LMS provides interactive discussion boards and forums for students. These platforms support students in asking questions about course content, exchanging ideas, and collaborating on projects.
5. Student Assessments: Online quizzes, assignments, and project submissions were used to measure students' academic achievement. These assessments assess students' ability to understand and apply topics.
6. Customized Course Schedules: LMS provides students with customized class schedules that suit their interests. Thus, students can choose courses to achieve their career goals and to support their personal development.
7. Communication over the Internet: Students can communicate effectively with their instructors and classmates through the LMS. Email, messaging, and video conferencing tools allow students to communicate easily with each other and with instructors.
8. Research and Project Collaboration: Students can collaborate on various projects and support research activities through an LMS. This allowed the students to create online study groups.
9. Exams and Diploma: Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded a diploma.

The Department of International Business and Entrepreneurship aims to provide students with qualified business education, regardless of geographical limitations.

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