Administrative Units

Department of Information Technologies
The Department of Information Technology is responsible for formulating, executing, and overseeing the University's plans and policies pertaining to information technologies. The following are the key job responsibilities associated with this department:
- To determine and develop the information technology strategies of the university,
- Creating, managing and effectively using the IT budget,
- Manage computer systems, networks, servers, and other infrastructure components,
- Creating and implementing information security policies and protecting against security threats,
- To ensure the development and management of software and applications needed within the university,
- Supporting the daily operations of computer systems, maintaining them and resolving problems,
- To follow innovative technologies and apply the suitable for the University,
- To organize trainings for employees on the usage of technology and to increase level of knowledge,
- Managing and successfully completing large-scale IT projects,
- To establish data storage, security, backup and data management policies.

For Contact: Authorized Person > Under the Responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering > [email protected]

Department of Student Affairs
The primary responsibility of the Department of Student Affairs is to disseminate accurate and up-to-date information to students, faculty members, parents, and administrative staff in accordance with the relevant legislation, and to execute tasks and transactions in a timely manner, as outlined in our academic calendar. Additionally, the department is committed to facilitating all types of educational transactions for students and addressing any issues or challenges they may face. The following outline provides a general overview of the department's job descriptions:
- To organize the registration procedures of new students to the University and to manage the admission processes,
- To prepare the University Academic Calendar,
- To ensure that registration renewal and course registration procedures are carried out,
- To provide counseling services to students on academic and personal issues,
- To ensure that deregistration, dismissal and registration freezing procedures are carried out,
- To inform students about scholarships and financial support, as well as assisting with administrative issues,
- To prepare Student Certificate, Transcript and Student Status Certificate,
- To carry out disciplinary procedures regarding students who do not comply with university rules,
- To manage students’ academic success, grading, and performance,
- To identify Honors, High Honors students,
- To carry out graduation and diploma procedures.

For Contact: Authorized Person > Under the Responsibility of the General Secretariat > [email protected]

Department of Personnel and Strategy Development
Department of Personnel and Strategy Development is a division that focuses on human resources management, the formulation of personnel policies, and strategic planning for an organization. The following are the standard job descriptions for the department:
- To carry out human resources management activities, recruitment and selection of personnel, administration of performance evaluations, facilitation of promotions, and career development opportunities,
- To establish and implement personnel policies and procedures applicable within the university,
- To determine the training needs of employees, to organize training programs and to support career development,
- To evaluate the performance of employees, to provide feedback, and to implement performance management systems,
- To determine and follow policies and practices related to the health and safety of employees,
- To manage relationships between employees, to solve problems and to improve workplace culture,
- To determine and implement human resources strategies in line with the general strategies of the university,
- To develop strategies to increase employee motivation, to ensure satisfaction, and to optimize work efficiency.

For Contact: Authorized Person > Dilek DURSUN / Head of Department > [email protected]