Administrative Units

Directorate of International Relations
The International Relations Office is a department responsible for planning, managing, and developing the University's international relations. It is tasked with ensuring that the University is actively engaged in the global community and that it holds a strong position in the international arena. The following are general job descriptions for the office:
- formulation of strategies that align with the global objectives of the university and devising operational plans for the implementation of these strategies.,
- effective communication and overseeing relationships with the university's international partners, clients, organizations, and other relevant entities,
- Representing the university abroad, following diplomatic protocols and fulfilling effective representative duties,
- Development of strategic collaborations, overseeing international agreements, and assessing the alignment of such agreements with corporate objectives.,
- organization of cultural events and devising strategies for cultural diplomacy in order to foster greater interaction and understanding among diverse cultures.,
- Planning, coordinating and managing projects at international level,
- Providing guidance on compliance with international law norms, following ethical rules and business ethics,
- Assessing potential risks that may emerge in the global arena and administering them adeptly in emergency circumstances.,
- Coordinating visa and travel procedures of employees and collaborators,
- Management of relationships with foreign media outlets, drafting press releases, and formulating international communication strategies.

For Contact: Authorized Person > Lec. Bakhtiyar NAJAFOV [email protected] | [email protected]

Directorate of General Documents 
The General Documents Directorate is responsible for managing the University's general correspondence and paperwork through the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). By facilitating document transactions within the University through EDMS, the Directorate ensures document security and contributes to the efficient functioning of the University. The following are the general job descriptions:
- Receipt of incoming correspondence, documents, and other materials addressed to the university, and subsequently stores them in the EDMS system while simultaneously ensuring their timely forwarding to the appropriate university units,
- Organization and preservation of communications, records, and other papers generated by the university, while simultaneously guaranteeing their prompt transmission to the appropriate individuals,
- Records, classifies and archives incoming and outgoing documents in a certain order.
- Manages and updates EDMS,
- Preparation of documents pertinent to the agenda items of meetings, and concurrently, crafts reports which are subsequently disseminated to the appropriate individuals,
- Organization of the university's document archive, while simultaneously grappling with the challenges of storage and accessibility of said archive materials when deemed necessary,
- Assumes the duty of protecting documents, particularly those containing sensitive or confidential information, and executes the necessary security measures,
- Management of electronic transactions conducted by the university through e-government and other digital platforms,
- In collaboration with other departments, oversees general administrative tasks and assists with administrative matters.

For Contact: Authorized Person > Under the Responsibility of the General Secretariat > [email protected]