Students studying at all levels within our university, potential student candidates, third-party individuals who care about their personal development and individuals in working life can enroll in short-term courses to be opened within our Continuing Education Center. In these courses, which will be organized on various specialties, participants are offered the opportunity to obtain versatile competencies and professional qualifications and to support their personal development in their career journey and working life. On the other hand, the trainings to be organized will also benefit from the collaborations between our University and different higher education institutions.

The team at our Continuing Education Center is steadfast in their commitment to facilitating your educational progress. We are available to offer assistance and respond to inquiries from current students, prospective students, and anyone who wishes to explore our programs.

For further questions or information, please feel free to contact Abdülkadir AKMAN, Director of Center, via  [email protected] e-mail address. We are here to support your interest in your knowledge and skills.